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The Basics of Training Winning
Western Show Horses

with World Champion Trainers,

Cleve Wells, Shane Dowdy & Rusty Green

Over 2 and a half hours of information packed, raw & uncut clinics featuring 3 all-star trainers giving you a ton of great ideas, training wisdom and specific training exercises, puts you in a winning position this show season!

Do not think that because they are riding young horses, that this training isn't relevant to everyone. There are strategies in this clinic to help give you a winning edge for horses and riders of all ages and training levels!

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The idea and the spirit of "Western Pleasure World Champion Training" is not only to watch, but, to watch, think out how the ideas, exercises, words of wisdom, etc. fit into your program and to get out there and take action.

The World Champion Training Clinics will give you new ideas, motivation, inspiration and training wisdom to send you far down the playing field towards your goal line and then give you the strategies to tackle opposition to get the rest of the way to the finish line.

Make a strategy how to get where you want to be.

Of course training your horse is an ongoing  journey, and not one just trip down the playing field.

These clinics will give you a lot of inside secrets to be really competitive this year but it's just a start.

Don't do things you do not feel safe doing, get more help if you need it, these do not hold the answers to every problem, it's just a send off to get out there and get going!

As Winston Churchill said, "Failing to plan is planning to fail"

Tips to plan to get the most from these clinics....

  1. Get out your calendar and schedule time during the next 7 days to watch approximately 2 hours of training.
  2. Map out a tentative training schedule of when you will add new strategies (training levels, etc)
  3. Give yourself a deadline (example show date) Goals without deadlines are just wishful dreams.
  4. IMPLEMENT! Just learning new things (or remembering what we already knew, but haven't been using) is not enough we have to implement! Take what you learn and make it work for you.

You can do it. Ride and train smart. Ride and train safe.

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Thank you for spending this time with us.

To your success,

Jen Rohlen-Barker