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It is our goal to be your inside track to greater success with your horse!

World Champion Western Pleasure Trainers Cleve Wells, Rusty Green & Shane Dowdy

Our first clinic featured these 3 amazing, super successful western pleasure trainers.

This site began with an idea to produce the world’s first live online Western Pleasure Clinic. Well those of you who went through that with us know how it all went down. Great, amazing clinic. But, the live part didn’t go so well. In live video, like horse training, you have to have a good, solid connection! And we unfortunately despite all my planning did not have one.

So you live and you learn and you make lemons into lemonade. And what we learned was this: that people need help, and they want it fast and easy to get to. So we thought why not get people the help they need from some of the best in the industry, we’ll shoot relaxed, laid back clinics, power packed full of information and give it to people who have a true hunger, a true competitive spirit, with a drive to get out there and get things done. And so, the monthly membership site,TheHorseTrainingChannel.com was born. Get Answers to Your Horse Training Problems On TheHorseTrainingChannel.com


The Horse Training Channel is for people who are serious about making progress.

It is designed for those who are serious about making changes, taking action and moving forward. Those have an understanding of the importance of association with top people. Of the deep impact of one thing learned to make big changes in your level of success. People in search of the x factor the little difference between “good” and “great”.

Not sure if you can learn anything? Check out these credentials....

World Champion Western Pleasure Trainer, Coach & International Clinician, Cleve Wells

Our Host, World Champion Western Pleasure Trainer, Coach & International Clinician, Cleve Wells

We are blessed to have as our host, multiple World Champion Trainer and International Clinician, Cleve Wells. With over 30 years in the Quarter Horse Industry, Cleve has an amazing track record...

  • 25 World and Reserve World Champions
  • 27 Congress Champions

He has trained and shown to World Champions, some of the Pleasure Industry’s most influential stallions including:

  • Zips Chocolate Chip
  • Radical Rodder
  • Chips Hot Chocolate
  • Hot Roddin Zippo
    World Champions Cleve Wells and Radical Rodder

    World Champions Cleve Wells and Radical Rodder

He has trained and shown to World Champions, some of the Pleasure Industry’s greatest long standing performers including:

  • Zippos Amblin Easy
  • One Red Hot Zip
  • Mr Magnolia Zip

In 2010 alone, horses he has trained have won major awards or circuit championships

Including such prestigious events as

  • The Big A
  • The Southern Belle
  • The Reichart Celebration
  • The NSBA World

At the 2010 AQHA World Championships, 4 of 15 finalists in the Amateur Western Pleasure Finals were horses in Cleve’s program, including the Reserve World Champion.

But, most importantly, to you and your success, not only can Cleve train horses...but he can train people.

To top off his unprecedented success in the show pen, he is also a trainer of trainers with many of the well known trainers we see today at the big shows starting off in his barn, on top of that he has helped people all over the globe improve their success with their horses both in and out of the show pen.

There is not a more qualified person to help you with your horse. Cleve is true horse lover, a loyal friend and business partner, and a person with a genuine interest in sharing what he has learned and helping others succeed.

And Cleve is just our host! He also brings to the table a who's who of Champion Trainers as Guest Clinicians... just look at our clinic list!

Jen Rohlen-Barker

Jen Rohlen-Barker


I am Jen Rohlen, the video and internet end of the project.  I have been a part of the horse industry all of my life and have worked with Cleve and studied his program for many years.

I bring to you not only my video experience and putting together education programs but a passion for pleasure horses and intense desire to help others like me to find answers to help them to become better horsemen and women.

I have produced horse training videos for many top professionals and have produced promotional videos for many of the top stallions in the pleasure horse industry.

I currently work with Cleve on TheHorseTrainingChannel.com, I blog at Horses-U.com and teach beginner to intermediate western lessons and train western pleasure horses at a local level at Spur On Farm. So I am out there scooping, brushing, sweating or freezing with you guys so I myself am eager to learn and increase the level of my success!!

It is my goal to give you a real person to contact and reach if you have problems or questions. That is my job so please call, email, send me a text! I know my success in this business is rooted in helping others to achieve their success so I am here to help you.

And one more person... Cleve's wife, Jana Wells! Who takes time out of her busy schedule to shoot most of the clinics for us! Thanks Jana for all you do.

Even though the experience, with the “live” clinic was not as we had originally planned, I believe in going through that experience we have found an amazing team in the original people who signed up for the clinic.

People, who I believe, will make a difference in the horse industry for the better.

People who are patient, determined and kind enough to work together to help form new technology to bring about change in the possibilities in furthering our education for our sakes and our horses.

So what can we do for you?

We can help you have more success with your horse, in less time.

If you will watch the clinics,

put to use what you have seen,

or use it to inspire your own ideas to train your horse...

you will no doubt increase your level of success with your horse.

No matter the level of success you are having now, we all need a team to fall back on, people to remind of things we already know but have stopped using in our programs. Time to stop and think through what we are doing and why. Someone to call and bounce ideas off of when we are stuck on a tough problem.

I hope you will continue to join with us with your feedback and help us to work to put together an amazing educational resource around what you want to learn… in the format you want to learn it in.

Please, please, email or call us with any questions, comments, complaints and suggestions. All input is greatly appreciated! If we do not answer your call we will get back with you a soon as possible.
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To Your Success,

Jen RohlenMake Every Ride Count



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