What is TheHorseTrainingChannel?

Sorry for the confusion, but, we are not a television channel.

When we came up with our name, TheHorseTrainingChannel.com, we thought it was like The Weather Channel, The Discovery Channel, The History Channel, The Travel Channel... a good name for the definitive resource of a subject, we didn't think it would be confusing. But, it turns out a lot of people think we are a channel on tv!

Actually, it's a lot better that that.

Learn to lope slow, on the go!

TheHorseTrainingChannel.com is monthly Exclusive Members Only site featuring monthly clinics featuring World Champion Trainers


TheHorseTrainingChannel.com is your resource to high end horse training answers to your toughest problems

and you can watch it wherever and whenever you want to.

It's your mobile access to the top western trainers in the business with ideas, tips, and answers to help you make the most of every training ride to reach your goals with your horse in less time.

Seriously, when we say we have training answers we mean it.

Each concise lesson contains specific exercises and principles that when you put them to use in your program you will see positive results.

Why you'll love TheHorseTrainingChannel.com

 1. You won't find this competitive information anywhere else. We take helping you reach your goals very seriously.

You might see a tip on Youtube to give people an idea of the information you'll find in the member's area on TheHorseTrainingChannel.com but, you will never see the insider's secrets and specific exercises you'll find by seeing the whole clinic. The site is designed for serious competitors and people who are serious about their results and are willing to invest time and money into learning, and then get out there and Make Every Ride Count and implement. And we are serious about helping you get to where you want to go.

We give you tons of breakthrough tips, tools, big ideas and specific exercises that will help you whether you are just getting started to ride competitively or for the advanced, seasoned pro to help you freelance and remain creative with your riding. Investing your time to never stop learning is always a path to continued excellence.

2. If you will put what you have learned to use you WILL have a quantum leap in your training results.

The information taught in these lessons took these Champions years and years to learn and perfect and you get to take advantage of their testing as they teach you what does and does not work.

3. A small investment = BIG payoff

We know times are tough for the horse industry and the people in it and we want to help, so TheHorseTrainingChannel.com is extrememly affordable for any budget. You are not going to pay for the expense of travel and clinic fees.


your not going to have to invest hours of time upfront... each clinic is approximately 30 minutes of power packed information you can put to use on your next ride.

Cost of membership is about half what you pay for a 1 hour lesson with a local trainer.

4. The monthly clinics/lessons are current (like within 2 weeks current).

See where the trainers are with their progress now. The current lessons are shot and up in the members area within a few days. Giving you the answers you need for the season you are in.

5. The Members Only "Little Black Book"

Horse trainers and show people are a competitive group of people, sometimes you just need to talk to someone about your training. The phone numbers and contact information for each of the clinicians is available in the members area, they are there to help.

6. Inspiration.

Watching excellence in action gives us all inspiration to strive for more, just watching Champions ride, hearing their thoughts and philosophies makes us want to get out there and ride.

7. Control.

A lot of the clinics focus on training western pleasure horses, which is ultimate control of your horse. Western Pleasure in it's true form  is rhythm, timing, balance and cadence on a loose rein. "We want control, because control gives you confidence" Cleve Wells

There is not an event or on the trail that we do not want control of our horses. These clinics give you the knowledge to get it.

8. As with any investment those who are a part of the start-up get the biggest payoff. 

TheHorseTrainingChannel.com got started on March 6, 2010 and we have now grown to over 100 clinics! As of now, members have access to all the clinics in the members area, eventually, new members will only have access to the clinics from the months that they are paid members. So grow with us, help to form this exciting resource, as long as you remain a paid member you will have access to all the archives of the clinics.

9. Exclusive Members Only Training Discounts.

When possible, Cleve offers discounts on clinics, personal coaching and even training to members.

10. Convenience.

Watch clinics while waiting at the airport, on your days off at the show, or listen while cleaning the barn. The clinics are designed to play on the go, with smaller files available and mp3 of clinics coming soon!

11. As Cleve says..."If you keep doing what you are doing, you'll keep getting what you are getting." and "It's not always what you know, but if you are doing what you know"

12. Your competitors just might be watching and implementing this information.

Don't Wait! Success comes to those who take action. 


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