Create More Lift in Your Western Show Horse: Champion Training Quick Tip from Western Pleasure Champion, Shane Pope

What does a balloon have to do with creating lift & beautiful movement in your show horse?

Listen in on this Western Show Horse Training Quick Tip from Champion Horse Trainer, Shane Pope to find out!

This tip is great for western pleasure but I can’t think of an event it doesn’t apply to.

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Here’s the transcript for you note takers like me!
Shane Pope: “Something I’ve thought about and it helps me and it helps me explain it to my clients, I look at this horse as a balloon.

A balloon is very easy to move, you can knock it anywhere you want to. A well trained horse you can put it anywhere you want to.

However, if you squeeze that balloon with both hands, instead of just one, that balloon is going to go up.

If I don’t hold him (the horse) with both feet, he’s just going to keep falling while he is loping. And I think a horse with no guidance off of this inside leg, is going to continue to fall, I feel like I am just falling down here.

So whether I place my leg up to get a little more shoulder, or back to get a little more lift in his back, I have to use 2 legs to do that.

That’s been an easy explanation, the balloon.”

Cleve Wells: “So basically, before you do anything with either foot the other leg is on him”

SP: “Absolutely”

CW: “Because if you do mash him and he does come to the inside and you come in, you are going to come in hard, quick and you are late and then it’s a disaster from there”

SP: “If I am pushing 50% with my outside foot, I am probably pushing 25% with my inside”

CW: “To secure him”

SP: “Enough to let him know, we aren’t changing leads, we are not
stopping. All we are doing is getting posture, and that is it.”


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