A Conversation with World Champion, Cole Baker on The Attributes of The Long Term Successful Show Horse

What makes a horse stay fresh in the pen year after year?

Listen in on a quick conversation between World & Congress Champions, Cole Baker & Cleve Wells on a few attributes of the long term show horse.

(Keep scrolling down for the full transcript.)

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CW “And you know even someone who has a young horse, you have to get started. They didn’t wait until this mare was trained to start that. I mean that goes with your sacking, all that stuff when they are yearlings and 2-year-olds, this process begins, and if this mare stays in the pen until she’s 20, she’ll still be doing some of that, you’ll still be showing her on certain days.”

CB “Continuously, it is continuous education, every occupation has it, horses and horse trainers need to have the same thing, you know, they need to keep learning. |And sometimes it’s not learning new stuff it’s going back and touching on stuff that they already know. And reconfirming those things.”

CW “Sometimes an older horse, and I am not saying she’s old by any means, she’s not, but, if she stays in the pen until she’s 12 or 13 she’s going to have to learn some new things because she’s going to be, people don’t realize in the Amateur class she’s going to be competing against 3 & 4 year olds that were maybe more modern trained a good horse makes those changes. You tip your hat to a horse that you see is 12 or 14 in the pen & they maintain a modern way of going, you know that horse has excepted change.”

CB “You know those horses at a young age have been trained to accept pressure. And along the way you can adapt those horses, you see horses that go from one program to another & they stay successful. Those horses are respectful, they take pressure, they have been through a program that allows them to travel freely & naturally. They are comfortable with it and they have trained to do their job, because they want to do their job. And those horses will always be successful.”