World Champion Trainer, Cole Baker “Teach Your Horse How To Respond When You Get Nervous”

A quick tip from World & Congress Champion Trainer, Cole Baker to set yourself up for success in the show pen, by preparing your horse for imperfect circumstances.

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No time to tune in? Here’s the transcription…

Cole:…riders, and understanding their habits. The practice pen is a good place to teach very good horsemanship, trying to be as professional and ride as precisely as possible, but when it really comes down to it, when mother nature takes off, and they are in a situation, they have habits that they will revert back to…If you can train a horse to stop when you put your feet in it, you can train a horse to be relaxed when an older gentleman sticks his foot straight out as well. That is all just repetition & just training a response.

Cleve: And basically too, you just don’t lie to your horse, if you get nervous, you teach your horse that you get nervous. Don’t lie to him during the week and then do something different when you show.

Cole: That’s really the just of the whole thing, don’t tell him everything is going to happen perfect everytime…

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