Man of Trail, Tim Kimura Clinic on Getting Over The Poles

Tim Kimura, Man of Trail: On TheHorseTraining with Cleve Wells

Shhh…The Secret To Getting Over The Poles is in this quick tip!

from none other than THE Man of Trail himself, Tim Kimura!

A rare opportunity to learn from Man of Trail, Tim Kimura as he talks trail with World Champion Pleasure Horse Trainer, Cleve Wells in horse training clinic on

In under 2 minutes, Tim shares with us 2 key secret concepts in this quick tip… just IMAGINE all the rest of the top secret information in the rest of this clinic! I can’t believe how much information he shared with us

Concept #1. signal response-you give your horse a signal, then you give him an opportunity to respond to what you are asking

Concept #2. where you look is where you…. (hint: here’s a secret, watch and listen close to get it!)

Tim Kimura says “Trail is like dancing, there are a lot of different kinds of dancing, there is ballroom dancing, rock and roll, country line dancing, all sorts of dancing. As a flavor of that your horse has to have lots of different styles and movement. There’s a walk, jog, lope. The pleasure jog, the trail trot, the hunter under saddle kind of trot….I think it is really important that we do a lot of trotting exercises to teach that horse to establish a 3 foot stride, maintain a 3 foot stride, make different turns….

The whole clinic is packed with great insights on trail from the man who has transformed the trail horse class itself with his course design.