A quick tip from Champion, Shane Dowdy: “I ride my way into problems & I ride my way out…”

Here’s a quick tip that pertains to success in, well, almost everything.

Don’t miss it, because it sounds too simple. Listen in, and see if you don’t hear Shane’s voice coaching you as you ride this week.

“And if you can’t have faith in what you are doing, the faith and the integrity to stay with it for a week, THEN DON’T DO IT.”
Shane Dowdy, World Champion Western Pleasure Trainer

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A little background on Shane taken from his website…

Shane Dowdy grew up in Burleson TX and began riding horses at the early age of five.
He has worked for many great trainers like Clint Haverty, Jerry and Marty Stanford, and Cleve Wells.
Shane has won almost every major event in the pleasure horse industry.
He won his first AQHA World Championship title at the young age of twenty-three,
and has had many World Champions and Reserve World Champions, Congress Champions, NSBA and Reichert Championships over the years.

For those of you, like me that like to take notes, here is the transcript of the tip…

“The spot that we are at right here, for me personally in the training, this is the hardest spot.

Do you ride with the draw reins?
Do you ride with the bridle?
Do you ride with spurs?
No spurs?

I think when you get right here in this spot it’s just like I said before about balancing a bike, about the only way you are going to learn it is to go in there and do it.

So if you try something on a horse, if you will stick with it for let’s say a week or two weeks.

The big problem you get into is you say, “I’ll try this today, I’ll try the draw reins and the sidepass today, like Shane said.”
And by the end of that ride you go, “Well you know what that wasn’t working” so the next day you come out and you put the bridle on it that Rusty’s got and you try Rusty’s way.

You ride for a day and you go well “that really wasn’t working that good so I’ll go back to the sidepull and do what Cleve did”

All 3 of the ways that you want to do it is fine, but at least give that horse 7-10 days to do it. And if that 7-10 days if you’ll stick with it and have faith in what you are doing it’s probably going to work out.

And if you can’t have faith in what you are doing, the faith and the integrity to stay with it for a week, THEN DON’T DO IT.

If a part of you thinks it’s wrong, I am not going to do this for a week, then don’t do it!

But if you try something, as long as you go to it with compassion and integrity you are going to be ok.

You are going to work your way through it.

I ride my way into problems and I ride my way out, I have my whole life.

But what I found is, if I stay with it for 7 days, I will come out of it.

And it’s not because I have some God given talent, it’s because if I do it I have faith that it is going to work and I give it 7 days. I give it 7 days.”

You can learn more about Shane at ShaneDowdy.com