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Learn from the experience of Multiple World Champion Western Pleasure Horse Trainer, Cleve Wells, the importance of riding and training for a “reason” if you are a competitive rider.

Tip Transcript…

“I like to wear a watch out here because sometimes it’s like to me when you are exercising a horse it’s like lunging.

Lunging 30 minutes can seem like if I don’t wear a watch I will lunge for 10 or 15 minutes it can be like oh gosh that seems like 30 minutes. But it felt like it to me, not really the horse.

So sometimes when you are working, especially if you don’t ride all the time every day, a minute is going to seem like 5 minutes.You’ll feel like “man I have been doing this forever and you look down and your like “Lord oh mercy it’s only been like a minute”.

So I might do this for 2 minutes (referring to the particular exercise in the video) You have go to feel your horse, your physical condition, his physical condition, his attitude to let you in and to let you help, to listen to you and to work with you. If you lose your dance partner at anytime, stop back up, do some indirect turns, go back on your other videos, don’t just get caught up in the new videos.

Go back on your old videos, indirect turns, pushing the hips around, sidepassing, go back to the trot, go medium trot, go do some other stuff and come back to this.

Don’t just zero in like this is all we are going to do for awhile. This is a segment of my program and it should be a segment of your program if it’s something that you choose that you like to do and you have the right horse for it and it’s something that you feel like you need.

I am not making a pleasure horse by this, I am not training a pleasure horse, this is enhancing a pleasure horse’s movement, this is maintaining an older horse that has correct movement. Kinda like an aerobics workout, a very light aerobics, making him use his body, get him to use his body up high.

You saw when I released he got real soft if I lope in that soft lope all the time then this horse is going to start 4 beating and picking up bad habits.

So to keep that big swing and the lift, you are the coach, and this is kind of a coach workout, it’s a very important part of the program.

Like I said it’s not going to fit every horse, it’s not going to fit everybody, but I know it is a great asset to me,

you know sometimes I will get out here and I will think well what am I going to do with these horses, you got to have a reason to ride.

You can’t just ride because it’s pretty,
you can’t just ride because the sun’s shining,
you can’t ride because it is Saturday.

If you are in a competition world and you compete with your horses you ride for a reason at all times.

Sometimes I get a little bit stale and I got to “reason ride”. So I call this my aerobics. I do and an aerobics workout on my horse. Any horse can do that. Anytime. Any horse can take that.

Step up there and march and open up a little bit and blossom and flower and work and then let him come down and relax.

So it’s something that you can do a lot of, you can do it as much as you want, you can do it as little as you want, anytime that you want. You can do it…”

End of transcript…

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