Learn from the experience of World Champion Western Pleasure Horse Trainers, Cleve Wells and Shane Dowdy, the importance of properly coaching your horse’s talent.

Here’s the transcript:
Cleve: One thing that none of us have talked about and we don’t talk about is we are not trying to make horses trot and lope. We are teaching horses what to do. The trot and the lope is their gifted talent from their breeding and their parents.
Shane: Yeah, I look at like this, I watched the Olympics a lot and each person that was at the Olympics had a coach, you know, to coach them through it.

Those people had the desire, the want to and the talent. So, what we are hunting, what I am hunting is a horse that has the want to and the desire to do it and all I want to do is coach it. You know, coach it through this maneuver, coach it through that maneuver.

I want to know where their legs. But I have to keep in mind that I know this is real (pats horse). She knows where her feet are better than I do. So it’s my job to kind of know where her feet her, but to follow her.

So I just want to coach her, she place her feet in any different maneuver that you, that horse will place it’s feet where it needs to, if you’ll coach it, if you try to dictate to it where to step every time. To me that is where I get in trouble. Then you get robots, then you get the head bob, you get the up and down. Because when they go to moving their head and get to going like that, you’ve mis-coached them somewhere.
You’ve mis-coached them somewhere.”

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This short clip is taken from an online Western Pleasure 2 Year Old clinic with Western Pleasure All Stars, Cleve Wells, Rusty Green and Shane Dowdy featured on the HorseTrainingChannel.com. Who better to learn from than World Champions who have been there and know what it takes to make a solid broke horse?