Learn from the advice of World Champion Horse Trainer Shane Dowdy to recognize anticipation in your horse but also know the importance of letting your horse develop a personality in their work and the strength to be a confident partner.


Cleve: Shane, do you find sometimes in your young horses that this is a good place to maybe to read a little bit of a show horse?
Shane: Oh yeah.
Cleve: Like if your young horse starts anticipating after 6 or 8 times and they start trying to do, then you have to feel, you know we don’t like to call it a pattern class but it kinda is sometimes…we walk, trot, lope, reverse, walk, trot, lope. As soon as they figure that pattern, even now, that horse might be anticipative in the show pen later.
Shane: I don’t want her to anticipate and I also don’t want her to be a slave. There’s a fine line there.
This is my partner, this is my dance partner. So there is going to be times when she’s going to compensate for my weaknesses, and I’m going to compensate for hers.

But if she’ll wait for me to ask her to do something, when I ask her to do it. Do it with all the expression that she developes herself. somewhere in here she’s going to have to develop a personality, strength, and when she gets strength and personality. Then we see that as confidence. And I see it as a personality and strength.

You know I’ve had horses before that you couldn’t tie up, well that wasn’t a big deal to me. You know it would be quirky, I couldn’t walk here and tie him up because he would break the halter but you know what? He was a great show horse.

He was a great show horse. So you know they are going to have quirks. But I don’t want her to anticipate, be comfortable when I ask you to do it, do it and don’t be second guessing yourself.

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This short clip is taken from an online Western Pleasure 2 Year Old clinic with Western Pleasure All Stars, Cleve Wells, Rusty Green and Shane Dowdy featured on the HorseTrainingChannel.com. Who better to learn from than World Champions who have been there and know what it takes to make a solid broke horse?