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Develop A Partner

As we discussed in Tip #2 the fastest way to leap from your current level of success to a higher level,
is to find others who are doing what you want to do, and learn how they got there.

Monthly Clinics on THTCThat’s why I believe these video clips are so important, we get to learn from World Champions their philosophies on training and how they became so successful and take what works for us to become better horsemen and women.

That’s why I love quotes so much too, words and thoughts are so powerful, the fundamentals of successful people help us also in our training en devours. Success leaves clues if we will just follow them.

A common theme I have heard over and over in the 100 plus clinics on THTC is the importance of confidence and how hard it is to beat confident rider on a confident horse and the power of a partnership with your horse.

Here’s a few thoughts from Cleve, Rusty and Shane….

Click here to view transcript of video 1 “This is my dance partner”…

Cleve Wells and Shane Dowdy…Coach your horse don’t dictate.

Click here to view transcript of video #2 “Coach don’t dictate”


Andy CochranWhat you should take from away Lesson #5:

Develop A Partner.

Most importantly it is the right thing to do. But there are competitive reasons also…

    • with today’s pleasure horse’s you are coaching the talent, not dictating
    • if you force, the horse will probably at some point take it back away from you in the show pen

      Personality and charisma stand out from the crowd

    • personality and charisma stand out in a crowd (with manners of course)

Also to me personally, as a side note, striving to develop a team with my horses is the most rewarding part of horse training. To see how far we can go.

My favorite quote on partnership…

“Riding is a partnership. The horse lends you his strength, speed and grace, which are greater than yours.
For your part you give him your guidance, intelligence and understanding, which are greater than his.
Together you can achieve a richness that alone neither can.”
Lucy Rees, author The Horse’s Mind

Thanks for being here. I know your time is valuable and I hope I’ve made you think a little bit the last few days.

I’ll leave you with one last thought…

Get Focused, Dedicated and Disciplined on your goals

and how you are going to get there.

You can do it.

Get focused, dedicated and disciplined.

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Make every ride count,

Jen Rohlen-Barker