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Stick With It.

World Champion Western Pleasure Trainer, Shane DowdyCheck out this clip from Multiple World Champion Western Pleasure Trainer, Shane Dowdy, we could fill this whole page with a list of his wins, but the most notable would be in 2004 when he and his amateurs dominated the western pleasure scene and captured 6 AQHA World Champion and Reserve Champion Western Pleasure titles, yes that’s in one year (in other words, the guy is worth listening to).

Here’s the transcript, line by line, it’s a little long, but well worth reading and pondering.

Shane says…

“You know the spot that we are at right here?

For me personally, this is the hardest spot.

Do you ride with the draw reins?

Do you ride with the bridle?

Do you ride with spurs?

Or no spurs?

I think when you get right here, it’s like I said before about balancing a bike,

about the only way you are going to learn it

is just go in there and do it.

If you try something on a horse if you’ll stick with it for,

let’s say a week or 2 weeks the big problem you get into is I’ll try this today…

I’ll try the draw reins and the sidepass today,

like Shane said and then at the end of that ride you go

“well you know what that really wasn’t working”.

So the next day you come out and you put the bridle on it that Rusty’s got

and you try Rusty’s way.

And you ride for a day and you go

“well you know what that really wasn’t working that good

so I’ll go back to the sidepull and do what Cleve did”.

All 3 of the ways you want to do it, are fine.

But at least give that horse, 7-10 days to do it.

And in that 7 or 10 days, if you’ll stick with it,

and have faith in what you are doing,

it’s probably going to work out.

And if you can’t have faith in what you are doing

and the faith and the integrity to stay with it for a week,


If a part of you thinks it’s wrong,

I’m not going to do this for a week, then don’t do it.
But if you try something,

and as long as you go to it with compassion and integrity,
you are going to be ok.

You are going to work your way through it.
I ride my way into problems, and I ride my way out,

I have my whole life.
But what I found was that if I’ll stay with it for 7 days,      Give the method you are trying some time for the horse to understand it.

I’ll come out of it.
And it’s not because I have some God given talent.
It’s because if I do it, I have faith that it is going to work,

and I give it 7 days. I give it 7 days…..

If you are going to do it stick with it.”

What you should take from away Lesson #4:

stick with itStick With It….

whatever method you are using to train your horse

  • have faith in what you are doing
  • go at it with integrity & compassion
  • give it a chance to work.

(The transcript of this video clip is above.)

A quick quote…

“A leader, once convinced a particular course of action is the right one, must have the determination to stick with it and be undaunted when the going gets tough.”
Ronald Reagan

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Make every ride count,
Jen Rohlen-Barker