Learn from the experience of World Champion Western Pleasure Horse Trainer, Rusty Green, the importance of practicing and perfecting what is hard for your horse.
People have a tendency to go out and do what looks good to others but in order to win the class, you’ve got to work on your weak spots.

Here’s the transcript:
Rusty: Every horse is either left handed or right handed. They have a good way and a way we need to work on, right now, I want to work on the way that needs to be worked on. It’s just something I don’t like to see, a horse will have a real good way and everybody goes out there and that’s the way they go. I don’t care anything about that. That just looks good.

I want to see if I can go the other way. Because if I can’t go the other way, we might spend 6 months going the other way. Do you see what I’m saying?

Shane: Yeah, I’d rather win the class than the warm up.

Cleve: Right.

Rusty: And that’s what this clinic is about. That’s what this series is gonna be about. And that’s kinda what we’re about is how if we are developing these horses that we are going to show this year, I’m not saying that they are all gonna make it. But, we want to have a show horse next year. If we don’t then we want to have a horse that we can go sell to somebody, that they can go do 14 other events with.
Cleve: A good broke horse.

Rusty: A good broke horse.

So the first thing we are going to do is I’m going to realize that my horse is really good to the left, he’s not quite as good to the right. So when I start out everyday, I’m going to start bending, side passing, moving and preparing to go to the right.

Cleve: Right.

Rusty: And when I gain ground going to the right, then I’ll go back and I’ll finish up a little bit to the left. And I might spend a week working on that maneuver going to the right and forget about the left.

It would be the same thing if I had to switch hit and play baseball. You have to switch hit to play in the major leagues. A horse has got to go both ways.
So we have to work on that weak spot.

The next thing is the trot. You know you come out and some horses just don’t naturally jog around. Well….let’s jog.

You know I see a lot of people, they lope really good, but they don’t trot. Let’s find out. Let’s spend 2 weeks and lets jog. Let’s do jog maneuvers. Let’s stop and back up, let’s learn how to turn around. Let’s learn how to trot, and when that trot
improves, and we are happy with it, then let’s carry on.”

end of transcript

This short clip is taken from an online Western Pleasure 2 Year Old clinic with Western Pleasure All Stars, Cleve Wells, Rusty Green and Shane Dowdy featured on TheHorseTrainingChannel.com. Who better to learn from than World Champions who have been there and know what it takes to make a solid broke horse?