“I want you to understand that all these maneuvers that they’re doing, they have taken a considerable amount of
time every day to work toward it.

There not just jumping in there one day and deciding that all of a sudden we are gonna tie here, we are gonna tie there. We are gonna go here.

They think about every step they make for preservation.

For their preservation first and foremost and the horse’s
preservation also at the same time.

Always keep that in mind, yeah those horses are doing a lot of stuff. We’ve got horses at home that we have had the
same amount of time, that aren’t doing quite as much stuff
as these horses are because they aren’t going to let us do it.

I’m riding around in a little bit different equipment, because
I’m not as good with my hands as what these 2 guys are. ”

(side editor’s note: I don’t know if we believe that Multiple World Champion Rusty Green!-You’re awesome!)

“Plus this horse that I’m riding, he doesn’t ride real good in
a snaffle so I had to figure out something else to ride in so I didn’t get in a fuss and fight with him. So I just took a
shank bridle pulled the chin strap off so I had a little bit of
leverage, and I got along with my horse a lot better.”
Rusty Green, Multiple World and Congress Champion Trainer and Coach on The HorseTrainingChannel.com