Horse Training encouragement…

from Multiple World Champion Trainer Cleve Wells to get started with what you have, stay in the game dispite your circumstances, begin early enough to have time to practice, practice, practice to build confidence.

“I’ve still got my thumb up in a cast. So, I’m gonna drive here in the roundpen. I have had to kinda improvise myself here this year with this handicap. By doing that I’ll learn some new things and just change up a little bit.

Whether you’ve got the weather to deal with, or maybe you don’t have a very large arena. You know, I like to do things out in our big pen, but, you know, everybody has got to do with, what they have to do with.

The thing about it, the way I look at it, I’ve got a good set of yearlings in here, the horse shows and futurities are not going to change their dates because I get 6 or 8 weeks behind. So what I’ve got to do is, I’ve got to stay in the game here, have a little holidays, get things rolling, I’ve got to make things happen. Because come July and August, September I’ve got to try to be ready.

So whether it’s weather related or whatever, you’ve got to get up, get it on, you’ve go to make things happen, so that you don’t get behind and try to push things up in the end.

I’d rather step up and get things going early, myself, it works for me, because in the end of your training process, you want to have time to fit your horse up right, get the horse’s hair right…you want to have time to practice and build confidence. You may or may not at the end of the year have one of the best horses to go show, but it’s very, very hard to beat a horse and a rider with confidence. And the only way you can have confidence is practice, practice, practice, practice, practice. And not have to work right up to time trying to do what you are going to do in the show pen.

30, 45, 60 days out you’ve got to understand the game. They have to understand the game, you’ve got to understand it. And then you come out and you repetition, repetition, repetition, practice, practice, practice.

That is why right now is so important. It’s early. It’s the first of January.
But you know what if I work every day, even if my help takes a little time off, I get a little extra time. One probably, maybe I need it, but too, it gives me time in case I have some lameness or soreness problems, or to build the horse’s confidence and to have the horse very fit and pretty at the end, as an end result.

So getting things working early, working hard to me I’d rather have time in my favor and that is an asset to you and the horse”

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