The Key To A Slow Horse

Pulling on your horse, does not make him go slow correctly…

One of the most successful Western Pleasure Trainers and Showmen of all time,
World Champion Horse Trainer, Rusty Green
explains how creating “shape” through your maneuvers
is the key to a slow lope.

“If you’ll notice and watch Shane riding…
watch Cleve riding,
they are not pulling on their horses trying to make them go slow.
They are shaping their horses and developing that horse’s shape as they are training it
and their end result is they are going to wind up with an elevated horse…
and an elevated horse is going to be slow…
You never see them do a maneuver to slow a horse down,
all the maneuvers are stop,
turn, to keep that horse’s shape.”

Multiple World & Congress Champion Trainer, Rusty Green


This short clip is taken from an online Western Pleasure 2 Year Old clinic with Western Pleasure all stars,

Cleve Wells, Rusty Green and Shane Dowdy that actually inspired starting TheHorseTrainingChannel!

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