Champion Horse Training Tip: Lateral Exercises To Control Stride

Learn from the experience of World Champion Western Pleasure Horse Trainer, Cleve Wells an exercise to teach your horse to go forward properly to help control his/her stride without creating choppiness.

Here’s the transcript:

“Anytime I am going to walk or trot off, there is just some really simple
things that really help a lot when we work the horses. Let’s say that I
am just standing here talking and I want to walk off…

First thing I want to do is, I want to get this horse soft in my hands.
I see a lot of people walk off, they will walk their horse off, then they start pulling,
but what I want to do is I want to teach this horse to get soft
and then I am going to tap this horse with my right leg,
and see its a lot easier for this horse to move lateral.
Lateral and forward.
Lateral and forward.
Lateral and forward.
And then as soon as the horse gets comfortable then I’ll let the horse walk forward…”
End of transcript

This short clip is taken from an online clinic from Who better to learn from than World Champions who have been there and know what it takes to make a solid broke horse?

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