Your Show Strategy & Sticking To It Defines Your Success or Failure

“Put a program together, get on it like a railroad track… don’t get off of it. Don’t allow anyone to take you off of it.”

Are you thinking out step by step, your strategy and work program to be prepared for the next horse show?

When & how often will you ride?

How long will you ride?

What will you work on perfecting while riding?

Make sure you listen in to this quick tip from World & Congress Champion Cleve Wells
on the thought process and the importance of coming up with your OWN program and plan with your horse.

Not someone else’s but your OWN strategy and program that fits YOU and YOUR HORSE to help you
compete at the best of your ability that day. (Of course, if you ride with a trainer, you will work with them and follow
their guidance) 

“It’s just as easy to put forth the effort to win
as it is to wallow around out there all day on your horse
and go and get your butt handed to you at the horse show,
so winning is not that much more time consuming
it just requires a lot more thought process, dedication and program to become a winner..”
Cleve Wells, 25 Time AQHA World Champion Trainer, Host,

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