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Success Stories

It’s like a light switch has gone off. Every horse I train now just seems to progress better than I have ever done before. Customers can’t believe how well their horses do. And I can explain how and why to my customers to make them better riders. I make my kids learn to ride and do some of things and not just sit there.I’ve had great success for my 8 youth customers this seasonall due to Cleve and your website. Thanks again. And now I actually watched video on my iPhone.

Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed this months lessons from Cleve. He really helps me to stay sharp and that, in turn, help me to help my clients. Cleve is by far the best trainer I have listened to, bar none. My membership in the Horse Training Channel is the most well spent money I could spend on my horses or myself.  He has really tied some things together for me in some intricate areas or training that I know will make all the difference in my training horses. Thank you GREAT BIG to you and Cleve Wells!

Arlene Lawson

Thanks. The videos are fantastic. So helpful...they certainly keep me motivated.

I have watched several videos and each one has taught me something new that I especially need right now in my training.  Thank you so much for this wonderful website.  I can hardly wait to watch another video and continue progressing in my learning/training.
Such a blessing!!!!