The Million Dollar Question: What is the best workout for your show horse?

“…the person that puts the best workout together and takes that knowledge and uses it to their
advantage to put out an excellent workout 5, 6 or 7 days a week is going to accomplish more”
Cleve Wells
25 Time AQHA World Champion Trainer

A good daily show horse workout…

  1. Should build on the lesson before either mentally or physically (and sometimes both)
  2. It should break your horse loose a little more than the day before (more soft and supple)
  3. You should grow more attuned to your horse and your horse to you
  4. Most of the time as you are progressing practice isn’t always pretty, you need to work on your weak spots.
  5. Unless you are working on stamina it should be short and to the point

Click the video below and listen in on a conversation between super successful Champion trainers Angie Cannizzaro and Cleve Wells discussing the million dollar question on “What is a workout for your show horse?”

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Think about this when you ride today,
and remember strategically,
daily creating the right workout  for your horse,
using the right mental & physical exercises for just the right amount of time
for where your horse is for that particular day
is going to give you an edge over your competition in developing your show horse.

Here’s the tip transcript…

Cleve Wells: “Sometimes the million dollar question is, what is a workout?”
Sometimes you get into this and your horse starts throwing a little bit of a fit
and you’ve got to make a decision then as a coach…”Have I fatigued my horse?
Have I mentally fatigued or physically fatigued because there are 2 areas, you
can work mentally or your can work physically.

So you’ve got to make the common sense call as the trainer as to how much
backing, and then go do something else, come back and do your serpentine and
then go back to backing up. Backing up can’t be the only workout, nor can the
circles and we can’t teach that to anybody.

That’s something that is per horse. Per day how much of all of this that you
do.And that is your option.

That’s why as trainers we can all share our knowledge because the person that
puts the best workout together and takes that knowledge and uses it to their
advantage to put out an excellent workout 5 or 6 or 7 days a week is going to
accomplish more.

So knowing what to do that’s a part of it.

Knowing how much to do we can’t teach that. Knowing how much to do there is a
little bit of a secret to it.”

Angie Cannizzaro: “And then that is where is comes into play, you have to ride everyday,
because if you get a little bit better each and every day from the time that you
start that horse to the time that you show that horse, meaning a 2 year old or a
3 year old, then you don’t have to press so hard every day.

This horse for instance has never really been ridden very hard, but he has been
ridden so consistantly since when we started him. And sometimes I ride him more
that one time a day if I feel like I get something accomplished within 15
minutes I will go put him up, put him in his stall, tie him in front of his
water and come back out that afternoon and try another thing or reiterate what I
just worked on and get that licking his lips and get to pat him on his neck.”

Until next time.

Make Every Ride Count.