A Key To Western Pleasure Success with Champion Trainer, Katy Jo Zuidema

A couple years ago, we caught up with Champion Trainer, Katy Jo Zuidema in Venice Florida and she shared with us an important exercise to finishing the western pleasure horse to gain and maintain control on the long sides of the show pen.

In this tip she reminds of the importance of riding “even”, and Cleve gives us a secret to horse training.

Here is a sneak peek to some of the full lesson to keep in mind as you train and ride…

“One of the biggest things that I make the mistake of doing and that I see people doing is they get in the trap of working that circle in the middle of the pen and then they have a hard time transitioning from the circle to the long straight aways, there really is no show pen that is round, so what we have to master is long straight aways and managing your corners to show your horse in the show pen.”
Katy Jo Zuidema

Katy Jo is listed in the Top 20 Open Exhibitors of Lifetime Leading NSBA Western Pleasure Earnings and is a Congress Masters Champion.


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