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See how World Champion trainers train their horses
and advise their clients to win in the show pen,
then go put it to use & watch your results skyrocket!

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  • T.H.T.C is an online monthly membership site featuring over 60 online downloadable training THTC like having your own personal World Champion Coachclinics to give you access to inside training information you can’t find any where else!
  • Featuring World Champion Western Trainers such as Cleve Wells, Rusty Green, Shane Dowdy, Robin Frid, Troy Compton, Nancy Sue Ryan, Andy Cochran, Buddy Fisher, Brynne Davis, Bruce Walquist,The Man of Trail Himself, Tim Kimura, Angie Cannizzero, and Allison Clark. Champions that are out there winning the biggest toughest shows right now.
  • Gives you the answers to your toughest training questions from some of the industries toughest competitors
  • Access to Champion’s secrets, mindsets, tips, & exercises
  • Includes 9 clinics showing personal daily training workouts to give you a plan for your training
  • Let’s you see where you are with your horse compared to others at the same stage of training
  • Gives you knowledge to develop the winning edge in the show pen
  • See Complete Clinic List Here

3 day trial period- 100% money back guarantee- If you are not happy I will give you your money back!Take a 3 day trial if it’s not for you, I will give you your money back.

Get started with your membership and if within 3 days you decide it’s not for you, call me or text me on my cell at 404-379-9587 or email me at Jen@TheHorseTrainingChannel.com within 3 days of joining
for a prompt refund. I am that sure that these clinics will change your success.

Jen Rohlen-Barker
Let’s get out there and make every ride count towards reaching our goals with our horse!
To your success,
Jen Rohlen-Barker

QuotesIt’s like a light switch has gone off. Every horse I train now just seems to progress better than I have ever done before. Customers can’t believe how well their horses do. And I can explain how and why to my customers to make them better riders. I make my kids learn to ride and do some of things and not just sit there.I’ve had great success for my 8 youth customers this season all due to Cleve and your website. Thanks again. And now I actually watched video on my iPhone.”

“Just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed this months lessons from Cleve. He really helps me to stay sharp and that, in turn, help me to help my clients. Cleve is by far the best trainer I have listened to, bar none. My membership in the Horse Training Channel is the most well spent money I could spend on my horses or myself.  He has really tied some things together for me in some intricate areas or training that I know will make all the difference in my training horses. Thank you GREAT BIG to you and Cleve Wells!
Blessings, Arlene Lawson

“I joined you The Horse Training Channel last Oct 2010. I just wanted to thank you for putting it all together for me to finally get it. I train part-time 3 youth customers. My 13 & under was Hi point WP Iowa Show Circuit June 2011 and last week Grand Champion 1st place AQHA Region 3 in St Paul both 13 & under Novice and Youth WP. Has earned Youth ROM WP this summer in 2 shows. Her horse is just 4 yr old grandson Zips Chocolate Chip. I found him Feb 2010 had 6 months riding but I struggled with him a little until I joined The Horse Training Channel.

“Thanks. The videos are fantastic. So helpful…they certainly keep me motivated.”

“Thanks so much for all your time and effort in getting me started with the horse channel.  I have watched several videos and each one has taught me something new that I especially need right now in my training.  Thank you so much for this wonderful website.  I can hardly wait to watch another video and continue progressing in my learning/training.
Such a blessing!!!!”

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